If you are planning a wedding and looking to create a wedding day that is stylish, meaningful and stress-free you will feel right at home. I am the wedding planner for the chic couple who want to strike the perfect balance between style and heritage.

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I offer a range of wedding packages built to simplify the process and work for you and your wedding celebration. Whether you have two years to plan your big day or three months to pull it off I can take on as much or as little as you need. I'll be on hand at every step to ensure you have your magical wedding day and the peace of mind to enjoy it. I make it my business to simplify the wedding planning process along the way so you can focus on the fun and frills of having your dream wedding. Nothing brings me more joy than creating a fusion of two worlds under one special celebration. 

Combining two hearts, customs and cultures in a tapestry of love to create a day that is truly unforgettable. 

I embrace your unique customs and traditions to plan weddings that reflects your individual style, values and cultural background.  From choosing the perfect wedding venue to finding the right vendors who understand your needs, I'm here to support the planning process. 

Bespoke weddings that celebrate your love and heritage

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Bespoke Weddings That Celebrate Your Love And Unique Heritage.

- franca and damola

We ended up with the wedding of our dreams and more without having to stress or worry about it.


Wedding planning pitfalls and tips to avoid before heading down the aisle. From the top mistakes couples make while wedding planning and tips on how to avoid the common mistakes. Don't make any of these mistakes!

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