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The 5 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

You are excited to be engaged and to plan the most beautiful wedding. Here are some common wedding planning mistakes and tips to avoid before heading down the aisle.

1. You don’t set a wedding budget

Mistake 1: You don’t set a budget for the wedding because budgeting with your fiancé is probably not the romantic date you had in mind for your engagement. Let’s face it you just want to avoid the budget talk altogether.

The Fix 1: The first step is creating a detailed wedding budget which helps with getting you both on the same page by setting realistic cost expectations and prioritising where you will spend it. Finding a budgeting method that works for you both is great preparation for marriage and puts you on the right path to becoming a budget savvy couple.

2. You worry about inviting family and friends

Mistake 2: Your guest list has become out of control because every family member or friend is a must-have. You even feel the pressure from your parents to add further names to the guest list.

The Fix 2: When you imagine your dream wedding day do you picture an intimate affair or a grand celebration? Once you figure out what is right for you, controlling the guest list becomes somewhat easier. The number of people you invite to your wedding is intrinsically linked to the amount you spend on the wedding day so determining the invite list is a top priority.

 3. You don’t pick the right wedding vendors

Mistake 3: You entrust the most important day of your life to the first vendor you encounter. With so much choice available your deciding factor becomes the price point. You get what you pay for!

The Fix 3: Do you want a luxury, stylish, modern or an outdoor wedding? Is this wedding vendor’s vision and style compatible with your wedding vision? Do your homework, there is a vendor out there for everyone. Finding a vendor that completely gets your style will make it an effortless process in helping create your perfect wedding day.

4. You are planning your Pinterest wedding

Mistake 4: You have indulged in so many wedding fantasies you want your wedding to look exactly like your Pinterest board. This is neither easy to replicate or reflective of your wedding budget.

The Fix 4: Pinterest is a great source of wedding inspiration and tips. If used in the right way it can be a very powerful tool to convey your overall vision for the day. Pinterest helps with visualisation but the pitfall to avoid is trying to live up to the Pinterest inspired dream wedding day.

5. You underestimate the time it takes to plan a wedding

Mistake 5: You fall heart-first into wedding planning and quickly realise how overwhelming and time consuming the wedding planning process is. With the excitement of it all you decide to DIY (Do IT YOURSELF).

The Fix 5: Until you start planning a wedding how would you know how to budget for the biggest party of your life, how to manage the guest list or even what order to book vendors in. Whilst it may feel like no one can possibly understand your wedding day goals, bringing on board a wedding planner or day-of coordination will help take the pressure off and help you achieve a more romantic planning experience.

Does this sound anything like you? If you are keen to avoid these wedding planning mistakes and you think I could help, book a consultation with a wedding planner for some more wedding planning advice. Find out more about the services available here.

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